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CT Choice

Chả Cá Thát Lát Ốc-(Vị Sả Ớt)

Chả Cá Thát Lát Ốc-(Vị Sả Ớt)

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  • Brand: CT Choice
  • Fried Featherback Fish Cake With Snail (Chili And Lemongrass Flavor): 50 packs x 7.05oz (200g) /carton
  • Dubbed as the best seller product of CT Choice, FRIED FEATHERBACK FISH CAKE WITH SNAIL is attractive because of its delicious and unique flavor!

  • Ingredients: Hypophthalmichthys fish, snail, featherback fish, sugar, acetylated starch (INS 1420), salt, monosodium glutamate (INS 621), lemongrass flour, chili, emulsifiers (INS 450(i), INS 450(ii), INS 452(i), INS 452 (ii)).

    Direction: Just need to heat up, you can eat immediately and combine many ingredients to create delicious dishes such as: fried fish cakes with vegetables, braised fish cakes, eaten with instant noodles, cooked soup, vermicelli, etc

  • A little bit of sweetness from pure fresh FEATHERBACK FISH CAKE –  A little crunch from minced SNAIL MEAT – A little fragrant from lemongrass and chili with spices, All mixed together to create a super product that is delicious and irresistible!
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