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CT Choice

Cá Thát Lát Rút Xương Hương Sả Ớt

Cá Thát Lát Rút Xương Hương Sả Ớt

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Brand: CT choice

Net wt: 350gr/bag

DEBONED FEATHERBACK FISH WITH CHILI AND LEMONGRASS FLAVOUR (Cá Thát Lát Rút Xương Hương Sả Ớt) is the perfect combination of specialty sardines and the “charming” lemongrass chili flavor

When eating, you will feel each level of taste from the sweetness of fish meat to the mild spicy taste of chili peppers and the characteristic strong aroma of lemongrass, bringing interesting culinary experiences.

Direction: Deboned Featherback Fish (Chili and Lemongrass Flavour) is ready in just 10 minutes for frying. This delicious dish will be very suitable for all parties such as daily meals, family or friends gatherings, partner meetings, etc.

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